Collection: Welligogs

Welligogs is one of today’s most sought-after brands for contemporary, elegant British-styled outdoor clothing. We began our story in 2000, when we were founded by Managing Director Kim Annan as the first brand to introduce hand-painted designs onto rubber wellington boots in the UK and Europe.

Ever-true to our roots as a family business, these first designs were inspired by ideas from Kim, her husband Ray and their four children. Then came our distinctive moniker – Welligogs. The name itself, says Kim, “came from nostalgic childhood memories of a loving home where everyone affectionately knew their wellington boots as “Welligogs””.

Since these early days, our product ranges, designs and specialisms have grown into the Welligogs brand you see today – the epitome of distinctly-British style, uncompromising practicality and cutting-edge fashion. We also love our commitment to British-made, and are proud to produce pieces in the heart of England.