Clare Haggas Heads or Tails - Red
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Clare Haggas Heads or Tails - Red

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My 153x43cm Classic style twill silk scarves are so easy to wear and are the perfect accessory for all of my ladies no matter what age group they are in. They just seem to be more and more popular each year. You can tie them in so many ways, whether it’s with them simply draped, worn loosely with a scarf ring, or tied in a bow. The possibilities are endless and with these new exciting colours I know you will all be so excited to add them to your collections.

Creating the perfect royal red took me several years, as I didn’t want it to be too bright and it couldn’t be too dull. We finally plucked the exact red from one of my pheasant paintings and used that, and the results were perfect. I have always found red hard to wear, but I couldn’t be more wrong with this powerful, yet subtle tone of one of our National colours.

Royal red and the Classic Heads or Tails are a match made in heaven. All of my dynamic colours from my original paintings combined with this amazing colour and in the easy to wear size mean it is destined to be a hit. I have a beautiful traditional checked jacket that is instantly brightened up and made to look incredible just by adding this stunning accessory.