KOY Clothing is run by two brothers, Alastair & Jimmy Scott. We were raised in Africa and now have an ambition to help support the deprived communities of Kenya through luxury fashion.

Growing up in East Africa and going to school in the UK put us in a unique position to incorporate both worlds and help support the country we grew up in and love so much. 

Surrounded by beautiful landscapes, fascinating cultures and the stunning fabrics used by the Kenyan people, put together with the UK's quintessential fashions and lifestyles, inspired us to combine authentic African fabric with luxury lifestyle, and give back to Kenya in the process. 

Since the official launch of KOY Clothing in December 2016, we have learned so much, and with greater knowledge, comes greater responsibility. The more we learned about cultural influences in fashion, we realised that many brands around the world use cultural inspirations within their designs. Sadly, not all of those brands give recognition to the cultures which inspired them. This was a chance for us to try and change this mindset and demonstrate to others the value of cultural inspiration. We do this by giving 5% of every purchase to projects within the communities of Kenya that our products are inspired by.